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Teaching high-performing entrepreneurs and consultants a proven connection-based sales method to consistently reach revenue goals and focus on what matters most.

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Before consultants can provide their valuable guidance and expertise, they have to sell their services - a necessary step in building a successful business. 

The most effective way to bring on high-quality clients - both consistently and with ease - is through a sales strategy that is based on making a genuine connection with people who you want to serve. A connection-based sales strategy allows you to become highly relevant to your ideal clients and allow them to assess their world is better off with you in it than without you .  With over 24+ years of selling has shown me that leveraging the power of 

connecting with people uplevels the whole sales process.  You can release all of the “traditional” sales practices that make prospects assess you as the sales professional they loath to interact with. It also allows you to feel authentic in your approach, begin to enjoy prospect interactions, and most importantly, it allows you to generate the sales and pipeline to build the business of your dreams

Audiences will learn: 

  • Ways to convert prospects into raving fans without "selling" them.

  • Simple to approach sales that is highly effective all while keeping you out of "used car salesman" mode.

  • The most effective approach to sales that allows anyone who isn't a "sales person" to grow a practice of ideal clients

  • Philosophies and strategies that allow consultants & experts to feel more natural and authentic in sales situations

  • The path to success in sales that has helped experts & consultants never have to go back to corporate america.

  • Sales philosophies that come from a place of integrity and respect

About Bryan McDonald

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Bryan McDonald spent his whole 24+year career in new revenue growth focusing on a client centric sales strategy that created a track record of success by executing an approach of serving vs selling people.

Graduating from Penn State in 2001, Bryan went right into sales, in a corporate position. He quickly realized that roles that would allow him to be entrepreneurial in, were the ones that he excelled in. That led to Bryan becoming partner at onPurpose Growth, a coaching and consulting firm that serves entrepreneurs who have ambitious yearly or multiyear revenue goals, actually fulfill that ambition.

He helps entrepreneurs create sales practices and strategies that predictably grow revenue. Clients say that when they apply what they learn they are assessed as rare by their prospects and clients so, their offers are more readily accepted vs people with common skills or practices.

Bryan has served entrepreneurs by helping them go from as little as $75k in revenue all the way to $1M+ in 6-18 months using the strategies, tactics, mindsets and frameworks he and his partners have put together. No matter where clients have started out at, he has served them by supporting them in 2x, 3x and even 5x+ their revenue.

Bryan also sits on 2 boards in his free time. He is involved with the Fox Valley Entrepreneurship Center which is an economic development non-profit that supports established businesses, local to Bryan, accelerate to produce growth and jobs. He also runs a Christian men’s leadership development organization called BattleCry.


Bryan's Topics


“Build Your Dream Practice by Making the Shift From Selling to Serving”

Everyone wants sales but very few like to or enjoy selling. Over 24+ years of selling has shown me that the most effective way for entrepreneurs and consultants to bring on clients with ease, do it in a way that makes them feel authentic and build the business or practice of their dreams, is to leverages the power of connecting with people.

This approach allows you to release all of the “traditional” sales practices that make prospects or clients assess you as someone who is pushy, sleazy, difficult or manipulative. This shift also allows you to learn that prospects buy who you are more than the thing that you sell.

Bryan's engaging and insightful approach gets the audience reinvigorated and motivated to grow their business and show up more intentionally in their sales process.


Your Audience Will Learn:

  • How a serving approach to sales brings on clients faster than selling to them

  • How to increase their client acquisition rates with advanced listening and questioning

  • How to step into their authenticity and connect with people to build the practice of their dreams.


Why The Path to Success Always Goes Through You

What’s the difference between why some people succeed and others don’t? It all boils down to who people are and who they are becoming, that determines what type of success or lack thereof that they have. Most of the success observed in the world only shows the destination and not the process that was used to get there.

The process is simpler than what many people believe it to be. Once you learn the 3 major components of the process, you have the power to develop levels of success that you want and recognize how much actual control you have.

Bryan’s simplistic yet profound perspective allows audience members to feel more in charge of the growth of their success than they ever have. They also get practical ways to step into the process so the audience can clearly see what they need to do to get themselves closer to their goals.


Your Audience Will Learn:

  • How to turn their personal growth directly into business growth

  • Where to look first when success seems to be escaping them

  • Key mindsets and perspectives that top performers use.

  • Strategies that turn every failure into a springboard toward success


How to Leverage Listening to Unlock Unlimited Sales

Buyers consistently say that 78%+ of people selling to them lack the ability to stop talking and just listen to them. Buyers want to be heard and understood so they can buy instead of being sold something. So, why don’t sellers listen well? Because they were never taught how to.

When you unlock the power of deep listening, you will see how buyers are telling you exactly what to offer to them and how to offer it. They literally build the target for you to hit. The deeper the listening you do, the higher the rate your offers will get accepted,

Bryan’s approach to listening empowers audiences to see what’s possible for them and how they can create more value for clients by applying the principles.

Your Audience Will Learn:

  • How to separate yourself from your competition, just through listening

  • How to get more of their offers accepted, through advanced listening

  • Get prospects to tell them things they don’t tell their competitors

  • Be labeled as a rare resource by prospects and client, just through listening.


Bryan's Testimonials

Clay Profile.jpeg

Many sales coaches are helpful at teaching simple tips, tricks and strategies to drive sales. While Bryan is excellent at doing that, he brings something much more important to the table. He helps clients recognize and shift the mindset in which they're using those tips, tricks and strategies. Working with Bryan has fundamentally transformed how I relate to my prospects (and myself), sales have never been better, and I'm having a lot more fun growing my business.

Clay Stelzer, CEO of 15sixty

I had Bryan out for consultative sales training for my team and he was fantastic! He is very engaging and able to relate in an authentic and unscripted manner. My team was really engaged, and great dialog and insights resulted.

Emily Adinolfi, Director of Sales at GreenBroz

Emily A.jpeg

Bryan taught me so much as it relates to sales and business development, which allowed me to get laser focused and DOUBLE my business during the crazy "Covid" year! Bryan's practices what he teaches and truly helped me get to the next level of where I wanted to be.

Todd Weeks, Certified EOS Implementer

Before I started working with Bryan, sales was a chore. It was a hassle, it was hard. And frankly, I didn't close all that many deals. Now, sales is an enjoyable process, something which is pleasant for myself, pleasant for my prospects, and actually closes the deals. With Bryan's help, I got up to a close rate of about 70% to 80% of my deals, using the processes he has taught me.

Yehudah Greenberg, Owner of Stepforward Marketing

Tim Stoll.jpeg

Bryan’s sales philosophies resonated with me and come from a place of integrity and respect. Bryan helped me to more clearly develop a few simple systems and clarify some language that I believe will be helpful right away and into the future. If you want to up your sales game, Bryan is a great mentor, trainer and resource and I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Tim Stoll, CEO Stoll Enterprises, Inc.


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PHONE: 630 344 9319


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