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Unlock Your Peak Performance in Sales: 

A Guide for Fractional Executives, Consultants, and Experts

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A Guide for Fractional Executives, Consultants, and Experts

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Are you an expert in your field and an exceptional service provider who doesn't identify as a salesperson, yet understands the pivotal role sales play in your success? You're not alone. Entrepreneurs in your position face the challenge of excelling in their expertise while striving to master the art of sales.


This is where Bryan McDonald’s approach to sales laid out in the chapter he wrote from the book "Peak Performance Sales" comes into play. It’s specifically crafted for fractional executives, consultants, and experts like you.

This Chapter is not just another Sales Guide. It's a Transformational Approach, focusing on generating ideal clients with ease using a serving mindset. It's designed for professionals who are really good at their craft or expertise but realize that to achieve their goals, embracing sales is non-negotiable. Through this insightful chapter, you'll learn to:

Shift your perspective from selling to serving, creating deeper, more meaningful client relationships.

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Implement strategies that align with your expertise, making sales a natural extension of your service.

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Cultivate a mindset that views sales as a critical component of your success, without compromising on your core values and natural strengths.

Why download this chapter? 

Because it speaks directly to you—the fractional executive, consultant, or expert who has an ambition to grow their business and seeks to bridge the gap in their sales approach. This guide is your stepping stone to not just achieving, but exceeding your sales goals, all while staying true to who you are, and your core values without having to show up as a pushy salesperson.

Embrace the journey to peak performance in sales. Enter your info below to download the chapter now and transform your approach to selling with insights from "Peak Performance Sales."

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